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Boston Red Sox Training Stadium Unveiled

The new Boston Red Sox training facility was designed to replicate Fenway Park. The facility sits on 106 acres of land and has six full-sized practice fields. The most noticeable feature is the 37-foot chain-link fence USA Fence installed in left field known as the “Green Monster.” Nearly a football field in length, it took a five-man crew four weeks to install and cost more than $200,000.

Did You Know?

  • Groundbreaking for the facility took place in August 2010. To acquire the 106 acres of land, Lee County paid $20 million. That amount represents roughly a quarter of the total price tag for the complex, which is $77.9 million.
  • The location of the bullpens is another homage to Fenway Park, as they are side-by-side just beyond the wall in right-center field.
  • The ballpark will have two scoreboards, one a nod to the past, the other symbolic of the present. The old-school scoreboard will grace the green wall in left field and be manually operated, while the modern scoreboard will stand behind the right field berm, where it will become the first scoreboard in Red Sox spring training history to feature a video board.
  • Excepting the outfield walls and seats, the ballpark will generally be painted white, which is its biggest contrast from the famously green Fenway Park.

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