Vinyl fence material has grown in popularity because it’s durable, has a nice appearance, is available in a number of colors and styles and can be installed in different environments.

If you are considering vinyl fencing for your property, be sure to look out for the following qualities and features.

  • Structure: Several factors may contribute to the structure and strength of the posts and fence panels. First, the wall thicknesses of the posts and fence panels should not be thin. Thin walls may indicate a cheap quality product. Thin walls will decrease the strength of the posts and the overall fence. Second, the interior of vinyl fence posts and panels should be reinforced wither with interior ribbing in the pickets or galvanized steel reinforcements in the bottom rails. Lastly, the ingredients of the vinyl itself can contribute to the integrity of the vinyl. A quality vinyl fence will be made from professional grade ingredients, or virgin vinyl, which is not recycled materials, UV inhibitors and stabilizers.  These will all contribute to the strength and integrity of the vinyl fence.
  • Price: Vinyl fencing varies by price. Be sure to compare prices. Prices that seem too low may indicate a cheaply made product that won’t last.
  • Warranty: A quality vinyl fence product should come with a lifetime warranty. Also, be sure to research whether the company honors its warranties. You may be able to contact the Better Business Bureau for this information.

Vinyl fences look great and are a great fencing option, but be sure to do your homework before you buy.


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