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    USA Fence is your source for premium quality, affordable and maintenance-free vinyl fencing.

    Vinyl fencing is the modern answer for savvy home and business owners who don’t want to spend time and money maintaining fencing that could be invested in a business or spent on leisure.

    Vinyl fencing not only has the beauty of wood and ornamental styles of fencing, but it is also maintenance free, which means you don’t have to worry about splinters, screws or nails — for a very long time.

    And because USA Fence is a Kroy distributor, we are able to offer a transferable limited lifetime warranty that protects your investment in fencing and the value of your property in general.

    With vinyl, you’ll no longer have to worry about rot or paying someone to paint your fence in order to retain its beauty. Just wash it occasionally.

    In addition to its durability and maintenance-free characteristics, vinyl fences come in a wide variety of appealing styles, including:

    • Traditional white picket fences that add charm to a property and can be used to protect and contain pets and children.
    • Vinyl privacy fences that shield property and can be built solid board or in a style that allows wind to pass through.
    • Post and rail, a very popular style of vinyl fence, that adds a ranch look to property and can contain larger animals like horses.
    • Ornamental vinyl fences that provide an elegant look and are often used to enclose swimming pools.
    • Vinyl also offers a nice color selection that includes white, gray, tan and some cedar-wood tones, with some manufacturers offering black or green as well.
      So with the combinations of styles and colors, it’s easy to see that vinyl can complement any architecture or landscape.

    USA Fence Vinyl Fencing

    USA Fence Residential Vinyl Fencing.


    There’s a vinyl fence to fit every need — functional to aesthetic. Many styles conform to safety codes for pools, and the sheer volume of choices help homeowners find just the right look for their home’s style and landscaping.

    Homeowners can choose from rustic post and rail, charming picket, elegant ornamental or attractive privacy styles. They can use privacy, picket and ornamental styles to enclose swimming pools or to contain pets and children, while post and rail helps confine horses or provides an appealing border to homes.

    USA Fence Commercial Vinyl Fencing

    USA Fence Commercial Vinyl Fencing


    Because vinyl is durable, strong and virtually maintenance free, it’s a popular fencing choice for businesses and is used in a wide variety of applications, such as restaurants, nursing homes, hotels, amusement parks and more.

    Many businesses choose the ornamental style to enclose areas for security or aesthetic reasons, while the open picket style is popular for areas where being able to see through is appropriate. It’s a great choice for fencing in playgrounds at fast food restaurants or to enclose hotel swimming pools.

    In addition, many developers are turning to vinyl post and rail or privacy styles to enhance neighborhood entrances or to enclose an entire subdivision. Because vinyl does not rot or need to be painted, it remains attractive for years without maintenance, adding value to the neighborhood.


    USA Fence Vinyl Fencing

    USA Fence Industrial Vinyl Fencing.


    Vinyl fencing provides an attractive, maintenance-free screen to shield unsightly waste or storage areas. In addition, vinyl can be used to enclose employee picnic areas or add architectural interest to an office building within the industrial complex.



    USA Fence Farm Fencing

    USA Agricultural Fencing.


    One of vinyl fencing’s first applications was in the equine industry because it prevents injury to horses and requires no traditional maintenance.

    A vinyl fences is more likely to kink than splinter if a horse falls or jumps on it, while other fences might break into sharp pieces that can harm the animal.

    In addition, most vinyl fences used to enclose horses are white, which can keep horses from colliding with them at night, though other colors are also available. As well, horses are less likely to crib on vinyl fences or be harmed by rubbing on the smooth vinyl surface devoid of nails and splinters.

    Learn more about our Farm Fencing options »


    USA Fence Vinyl Fencing

    USA Fence Vinyl Fencing provides maintenance free fences, railings and decks provide attractive, long-lasting outdoor structures that complement any type of architecture.

    Decks and Railings

    In addition to fencing, vinyl is appropriate for a number of other, complimentary outdoor applications, like railing and decking. An entire outdoor vinyl project might include a fence with a matching decking and railing system.

    Vinyl decking — that is embossed to prevent slipping — will never need to be painted or stained, and it’s easy to install. Vinyl decks and railing also have other benefits. They stay cooler in the summer and you don’t have to worry about cutting your hands or feet on splinters or exposed screws.

    And, like vinyl fences, decks and railings are constructed with concealed fasteners.

    Maintenance free vinyl fences, railings and decks provide attractive, long-lasting outdoor structures that complement any type of architecture.

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